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COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT – The UNT Shuttle Bus Service wants to ease disruptions related to the current COVID-19 crisis. Please note the following Special UNT Shuttle Bus Routes services due to the COVID-19 Health Alert Health Crisis

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If you have a valid UNT student, faculty/staff ID, you may ride the UNT Shuttle and all other Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) Connect bus transit services free. That’s right FREE! So remember, when you are looking for off-campus housing in the in Denton, ask your prospective apartment representative if their community is located on one of the several UNT Shuttle Bus Routes or DCTA Connect Routes. This is a great opportunity to save money on gas and campus parking fees, as well as support the green initiative at UNT and the city of Denton.

The UNT Shuttle operates Monday through Friday, with a Campus Circular Service running on Saturday and Sunday during the academic school year, excluding major holidays. Summer shuttle service is offered from late May through mid-August.


Bernard Street AM Route (BST 161-162)
– 6 Stops / Frequency: 7 minutes –
Monday – Friday : 7:15am – 10:59p
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Bernard Street PM Route (BST 161-162)
– 6 Stops / Frequency: 7 minutes –
Monday – Thursday : 12:00pm – 10:40pm
Friday : 12:00pm – 5:41pm
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Centre Place AM Route (CP 151-152)
– 6 Stops / Frequency: 5 minutes –
Monday – Friday : 7:30am – 11:57am
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Centre Place PM Route (CP 151-152)
– 6 Stops / Frequency: 5 minutes –
Monday – Thursday : 12:00pm – 10:43pm
Friday : 12:00pm – 5:42pm
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Colorado Express Route (CE 171 – 172)
– 8 Stops / Frequency: 15 minutes –
Monday – Thursday : 7:07am – 10:33pm
Friday : 7:07am – 5:44pm
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Discovery Park Route (DP 141-142)
– 9 Stops / Frequency: 3/5 /25 /50 minutes –
Monday – Thursday : 6:00am – 11:20pm
Friday: 6:00am – 5:50pm
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North Texan Route (NT 121-122)
 – 4 Stops / Frequency: 13 /30 minutes –
Monday – Thursday : 7:11am – 10:44pm
Friday: 7:11am – 5:49pm
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Eagle Point Route (EP 131)
– 7 Stops / Frequency: 20 minutes –
Monday – Friday : 7:18am – 5:26pm
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Mean Green Route (MG 111)
– 8 Stops / Frequency: 10 minutes  –
Monday – Friday : 7:30am – 5:39pm
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Mean Green Contra Flow Route (MG 119)
– 5 Stops / Frequency: 20 minutes  –
Monday – Friday : 7:35am – 6:06pm
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Mean Green Night Rider Route (MGNR 116)
– 5 Stops / Frequency: 14 / 20 minutes –
Monday – Friday: 5:40pm – 1:54am
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Mean Green Night Rider Plus Route (MGNRP 113)
– 14 Stops / Frequency: 7 / 30 minutes –
Saturday & Sunday: 8:00am – 1:44am
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e-Ride Late Night Shuttle Service
Another campus transportation program provided to students during the academic school year is the e-Ride Late Night Transportation Service. Students are able to request late night transportation between locations on the UNT Main Campus, Discovery Park, Mean Green Village and Victory Hall. Call the campus transportation dispatcher at 940-565-3014 during the evening hours: Monday – Thursday: 9pm to 2am and Friday – Sunday: 4pm – 2am. This service is for students with a valid UNT ID. At the time of the call, callers must give their name, requested pick up location and their requested campus destination.
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DCTA Connect Routes 7
DCTA Connect Route 7 also serves the University of North Texas from the Downtown Denton Transit Center. There are several stops along Hickory Street, Welch Street and Eagle Drive. These routes offer transfer opportunities to other DCTA Connect routes, as well as access to the A-train service located at the DCTA Downtown Center at 604 E. Hickory St. just east of downtown Denton.
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University Pass Program
DCTA, in partnership with Denton County higher education institutions, has established a “University Pass Program” to encourage use of the regional transit network and to provide an affordable and convenient commute alternative for students, faculty and staff affiliated with local colleges and universities. This is a great resource for anyone commuting in the DFW area.
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North Texas Xpress
An Express Bus Route that runs weekdays (Mon. -Fri.) between Denton & Downtown Fort Worth. This new service offers a convenient and reliable way for traveling from Denton to Fort Worth. The North Texas Xprss originates in Intermodal Transportation Center in Fort Worth. Provided by FWTA and DCTA.
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Bike Share Program
UNT Transportation Services has partnered with VeoRide to bring a bike share program to the Denton main campus.
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